Join the Revolution: Arena Games Injects Blockchain Power into Gaming with a Proprietary Marketplace, Unique NFT Utilities, and High-Octane Tournament

July 26, 2023
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Join the Revolution:  Arena Games Injects Blockchain Power into Gaming with a Proprietary Marketplace, Unique NFT Utilities, and High-Octane Tournament
Basking in the afterglow of a successful NFT sale, Arena Games is rewriting the gaming rulebook.  
Our strategy: a triple-threat of a marketplace, exclusive NFT holder utilities, and the adrenaline-fueled Tank Master tournament. Get ready, gamers, because Arena Games is set to disrupt your universe!

Rule the Trade: Arena Games NFT Marketplace

We're in the lab, launching our own NFT Marketplace on the Arena Games platform. We're not just creating a trading space, we're redefining the NFT exchange experience. Expect intuitive features and a seamless user experience that puts you, the gamer, first. Watch this space, because the big reveal is coming!

NFT Holder Utilities: Power Up Your Play:

Our NFT holders are not just gamers; they're insiders. Get ready to explore a rich array of utilities designed to level up your gaming journey. Stake your NFTs, sit back, and unlock a cascade of bonuses on our Raffle Wheel. And remember, the rarer your NFT, the better the boost.

Here's a sneak peek at our Raffle Wheel's surprises:

  • Non-NFT holders: Spin the wheel for free every 24 hours and land a chance at earning rewards.
  • Rare NFT Holders: Stake your NFT and bag two free spins every 24 hours. More spins, more rewards!
  • Epic NFT Holders: Stake your NFT, double your daily spins, and get a reward boost. Your loot just got bigger!
  • Legendary NFT Holders: Stake your NFT for double spins and a supercharged reward boost. This is the big leagues!

Just remember: no stake, no extra spin, no reward boost. So get staking!

Referral System: Spread the Joy

We believe in the power of community. So why not share your love for Arena Games and get rewarded for it? Every successful referral you make nets you a tidy bonus. But that's not all. You'll also earn a bonus based on your NFT's rarity:
  • Regular Player: No bonus, but sharing is caring, right?
  • Rare NFT Holder: Enjoy a bonus on top of your referral reward.
  • Epic NFT Holder: Get a bigger bonus with your referral reward.
  • Legendary NFT Holder: The highest bonus awaits. Now that's legendary!

And the cherry on top? Earn a consistent income from a share of all the rewards your referrals net.

Battle it Out in the Tank Master Tournament:

Strap in for the high-intensity Tank Master tournament coming this August. Battle your way to the top of the leaderboard in this heart-pounding 48-hour contest, and split a generous Matic reward pool.
Keen to step into the gaming revolution? Discover our NFT collections on MagicEden, download the Tank Master game, and gear up for a gaming journey like no other.
At Arena Games, every NFT held, every challenge tackled, and every referral made comes with an exhilarating reward. The future of gaming starts here, and it's a wild ride you won't want to miss!
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