Bridging Worlds: Arena Games Partners with Machinations to Lead Traditional Gaming into the Blockchain

March 28, 2024
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Bridging Worlds: Arena Games Partners with Machinations to Lead Traditional Gaming into the Blockchain
Arena Games and Machinations have announced their partnership. This collaboration represents a pivotal moment for the community of game developers associated with Arena Games, promising a significant enhancement in their game development prowess.

Empowering Game Designers with Simulations & Predictions

Machinations is the leading platform in game design, providing a comprehensive set of tools to assist in the designs, simulations, and predictions of game economies and systems.
Characterized by its focus on diagrammatic representations and simulations, the tool empowers designers to visualize and test their gaming concepts effectively:
  • Visual Design and Simulation: With its powerful visual simulation capabilities, developers can swiftly prototype various aspects of a game, from economy systems to character progression, and observe the effects of their changes in real time.
  • Quick Iteration and Balancing: The platform is designed for swift and agile modifications, allowing designers to make incremental adjustments and instantly see the outcomes, ensuring that each system of the game is well-balanced.
  • Enhanced Team Collaboration: Machinations excels in facilitating effective communication among development teams. Its user-friendly interface and sharing features ensure that concepts are easily conveyed and comprehended across various departments, promoting a collaborative working environment.

Advantages for Arena Games’ Developers

Partnership between Machinations and Arena Games platform provides a significant advantage to its community of developers venturing into the realm of Web3 gaming — Machinations addresses the unique challenges faced in blockchain game development, such as designing and testing complex economic models and tokenomics ensuring that in-game economies are balanced and sustainable, a critical aspect for games relying on blockchain technology.
The collaboration between Arena Games and Machinations introduces a state of the art design tool to an innovative gaming platform, empowering developers to create games that are not only engaging but also meticulously crafted and well-balanced.
Streamline your entire game design process — visualize, simulate, and communicate effortlessly!
Start designing for free and explore the full potential of Machinations with a 14-day free trial, and see how it revolutionizes your design process.
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