GITA Backs Arena Games: A Fresh 150 000 GEL Play in Web3

November 06, 2023
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GITA Backs Arena Games: A Fresh 150 000 GEL Play in Web3

In a significant step for Arena Games and the Web3 gaming community, our team is proud to announce securing a 150,000 GEL grant from GITA. This grant positions us among a select group of 20 startups chosen for growth and innovation in Georgia.

This financial support by GITA is a testament to our strategic approach to combining traditional gaming with the decentralized potential of blockchain. It's a nod to our platform’s promise: a user-friendly Web3 gaming experience that uses the benefits of blockchain technology.

With this grant, our dedication to improving the gaming experience and refining how players interact with web3 games, turning every move and every item into something more than just pixels on a screen. We're offering our players a slice of the real-world economy, turning play into potential profit and ownership of core assets of the gaming experience.

Our direction is focused on the community. We believe in building our platform by listening to those who make it alive—our arenians. Their insights and feedback are the compass that guides our development, confirming that the improvements we make resonate with their expectations and contribute to their experience.

The GITA grant is more than capital—it's a sign of confidence in our vision to advance player engagement and reward investment in the Web3 gaming world. It marks the beginning of a transformative journey for Arena Games, where value and entertainment aren't just tracks but converging ways.

With these resources, we will broaden our reach and improve our presence in the market. It's not just about growth for growth's sake but about enhancing the Arena Games experience, making it more captivating, rewarding, and inclusive.

As we move forward with the support of the GITA grant, we stand at the point of a dynamic phase. Our mission is clear: to weave a new narrative in interactive entertainment where every player has a stake—where their time, skills, and loyalty are acknowledged and rewarded.

The future for Arena Games is bright, and with GITA’s support, it's one where the game truly belongs to the gamers.

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