Grand Final of Arena Master Grand Tournament: Detailed Guide

March 28, 2024
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Grand Final of Arena Master Grand Tournament: Detailed Guide
Are you excited about the Arena Master tournament’s Grand Final? Here’s everything you need to know to participate and win big!

Eligibility Criteria

  • Top 100 Players: If you’ve ranked in the top 100 during the Grand Tournament even once, you’re in!
  • Platform Pass NFT Owners: Own our Platform Pass NFT? You’re eligible too!

Tournament Schedule

  • Start Date: December 15th, 3 pm UTC.
  • Duration: 7 days of intense gaming and winning!

Daily Rewards

Top 5 players will be rewarded with USDT prizes on a daily basis + prizes from our partners!
USDT Prize Distribution:
1st Place: 10 USDT
2nd Place: 8 USDT
3rd Place: 7 USDT
4th Place: 6 USDT
5th Place: 5 USDT

Grand Sponsor

Aniborgs is generously providing daily prizes for top 5 winners.
  1. Mythic NFT
  2. Legendary NFT
  3. Epic NFT
  4. Rare NFT
  5. Rare NFT

Special Partner Rewards

Each day of Grand Final will be conducted in partnership with following projects:
Day 1 (FlightForce4):
  • Silver Tier Armor perk x3
  • Extra ammo perk x3
  • Tracker perk x3
  • MDX SMG weapon x3
  • MD SMG Diamond silencer attachment x3
3,000 Candy Tokens and 3 NFTs
50 epic loot boxes
Day 4 (Unitbox):
20 NFTs
Day 5 (AANN):
Many Faces collection NFTs
50 MOK tokens
Day 7 (Dega):
3 DEGA Elements Obsidian Spark NFTs for top 3 players
Download Arena Master now and start your journey to victory!
Get prepared for the battle! The Arena Master Grand Final isn’t just another tournament — it’s a battleground where legends are made. With epic rewards and a chance to prove your dominance over Arena, this tournament will be full of exciting experiences!
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