Enter the Arena: NFT Airdrop Expedition in GameFi Realms

May 14, 2024
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Enter the Arena: NFT Airdrop Expedition in GameFi Realms

Welcome to the Arena Games Airdrop Expedition!

Arena Games is excited to announce the launch of its NFT Airdrop Expedition, a series of unique gaming adventures in partnership with leading names in the gaming and blockchain spaces, where players can earn special NFT badges, gather points, race for the limited supply Platform Genesis Collection NFT Free mint to get exclusive multipliers and claim your portion of 10,000,000 $AGP tokens.

Kickoff with Exclusive Adventure

Engage with the SesameLabs widget on the Arena Games platform to complete various tasks and earn Sesamelabs Credits. This participation allows you to mint SesameLabs Badge NFTs and become eligible for a portion of the $AGP tokens from the Arena Games Airdrop Expedition.
Getting Started:
  1.  Register on Arena Games Platform: First, sign up or log in at the Arena Games platform where the SesameLabs widget is integrated.
  2. Navigate to the SesameLabs: Access the Adventure directly from Arena Games platform.
  3. Log in Using Your Wallet: This is crucial! Ensure that your digital wallet (Ex. Metamask) is connected to the Sesamelabs to track your earnings and NFT minting.
Participation Steps:
Complete Tasks:
  • One-Time Tasks: Start with introductory tasks that you need to complete once to familiarize yourself with the platform and the widget functionalities.
  • Daily Tasks: Engage with daily tasks to consistently earn Sesamelabs Credits. These are simpler tasks that reset each day.
  • Bonus Tasks: Complete more complex challenges that reset weekly to earn additional Sesamelabs Credits.
Gather Sesamelabs Credits:
Earn credits by completing the tasks mentioned. These credits help you level up and upgrade your NFT Badges from levels 0 to 10 and accumulate points for the airdrop.
Mint SesameLabs Badge NFTs:
Start by minting a Level 0 NFT, then accumulate enough credits to upgrade your SesameLabs Badge NFTs to higher levels and gain more points!
Eligibility for $AGP Tokens:
By upgrading SesameLabs Badge NFTs, you’re accumulating points to receive a portion of the $AGP tokens as part of the ongoing Arena Games Airdrop Expedition. Once you reach level 7 or above with your NFT Badges, you complete one piece of a puzzle to claim our Genesis NFT for FREE and open an exclusive multiplier option as an NFT utility!
P.S. Complete four campaigns at level 7 or higher to be among the first to take a Genesis NFT for FREE.

Upcoming Adventures on the Horizon

Get ready for more exciting campaigns:
  • SKALE Arcane Merge Puzzle Challenge: Solve puzzles, upgrade your NFTs, and get your slice of the $AGP tokens.
  • Manta’s Pipe Runner Escape: Clean up the pipes by running in Manta World to find hidden rewards.
and not only!

About Arena Games

Arena Games is a WEB3 gaming platform that allows players and game creators to mint NFTs and manage digital assets effectively. Deployed on Polygon and interoperable through Layer Zero, it supports various gaming hubs including Linea, Manta, and SKALE, ensuring seamless gameplay across different blockchains.

Token Utilities at Arena Games

$AGP tokens play an important role in our gaming ecosystem, offering players multiple ways to engage and benefit:
  • NFT Breeding and Crafting: Spend your tokens to create new NFTs or upgrade your current ones.
  • Staking: Hold your $AGP tokens to receive rewards.
  • Special Tournaments Access: Use tokens to gain entry to unique gaming tournaments.
  • Exclusive Access: Tokens provide access to specific games and features not available to all players.
  • Additional Uses: Your $AGP tokens can be used in various ways across our platform.
  • Governance: Your tokens give you a voice in our community, allowing you to vote on key decisions.
  • Loyalty Rewards: We reward our active community members with extra $AGP tokens as a token of our appreciation.
  • NFT Marketplace Perks: Use $AGP tokens to access exclusive benefits and discounts in our NFT marketplace.
  • Advertising Slots: Spend tokens to secure prime advertising space in the game, boosting your campaign’s or product’s exposure.

These token utilities improve your interaction with Arena Games, making your gaming experience more rewarding and attractive.

Be Involved We invite you to start your GameFi Expedition today by joining our Airdrop. Be part of a community where every game you play can turn into real rewards. Stay tuned for the full token launch scheduled for Q2. We are excited to announce that WePad is our first launchpad partner. Details about two more tier 1 launchpads will be shared soon, along with the exact Token Generation Event, to be announced in early May 2024.
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